Monday, October 12, 2009

Zombie Anthology: Kevin "Don't Drink The Water" Ilacqua


  1. dear kevin,
    all my comments just got evaporated in a freak blogging accident. sorry. basically i said, like the colors, background is nice but maybe needs a bit more. the 1/2 zombie looks gross and snuffly which is good. the shirt may be my favorite part but i am sad that the pants arent loved the same way. they also may need to be a different hue altogether? well... i like the tops of te pants. thats a good color, i just think you ought to go finish the pants and see what it does.

    the end.


  2. Aww, it followed him home...

    This is one I will have fun seeing in person, as I think the texture looks great and I could probably comment on it more. Right now there are some scale/anatomy issues. Im assuming that the arm on the left is suppose to be bigger because it's closer, but I still feel like it would be a bit long if he relaxed his pose, his hands possibly being near his knees. Same with the zombie- when I try to "see" his arm behind the guy I think "now, where is his elbow, and how long is THAT arm compared to the other one around the leg?". My diagnosis is that the fun distortion you play with in your more stylized figures is maybe sneaking into this one. I don't think it's a deal breaker for Andrew- just something to "log away" as I'm always saying. Besides, I know with the zombie you could argue that he's distorted with dislocated joints and such...

    I look forward to seeing it in person.

  3. I agree with Mike about the pants: the unpainted parts in the shirt work well because you can read it as shadows, but below the knees it doesn't look as purposeful.

    Also, that zombie is adorable. I want it. It can sleep in a basket at the foot of my bed. <3

  4. Oh my god I mean ADAM. I think I did that like a dozen times here. Just flew back from a wedding, guys- JETLAG.